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Tetrad = Team of Traders

Our Team


Alexander Thomas 

A serial entrepreneur with a background in business administration, Alex began working in the VC sector doing investor relations.  Moved to Puerto Rico to launch Fortune 60 Capital and its sister project Tetrad Protocol.


Alexander Pearson

With 5 years experience as a professional trader, Alex has traded stocks, commodities, forex, NFTs, crypto and is an expert in decentralized finance.  Alex Pearson brings Tetrad fundamental and technical analysis and is the creator of the strategies in place with the protocol.


Ron Piccinini PhD

With a doctorate in quantitative finance and 20+ years of traditional finance experience, Renaud Piccinini is refining our algorithmic strategies and focused on risk management.


Maria Rolon-Miranda

Maria works for Percival Capital and is traveling the world promoting cryptocurrency adoption and intelligent future regulations for the space.



0xSweetie is the lead contributor to the Tetrad Protocol. She is a Solidity & GameFi dev with dapps on the Fantom, Avalanche and Polygon blockchain.

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Abstract Background

Belief System

Tetrad Psychology

The term dark tetrad refers to the four dark traits of narcissism, machiavellianism, psychopathy, and sadism.


Researchers from the Queensland University of Technology recently published a study on the dark tetrad personality and cryptocurrency attitudes. They found dark tetrad personalities “like” Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.


These bad actors are incentivized in cryptocurrency and defi to operate black hat operations that plan rug pulls. exploits, internal collapse and other nefarious and profitable schemes.

The light tetrad psychology consists of the four light traits of Kantianism, the golden rule, humanism & compassionate morality.


Our team is based on these principles and we are committed to providing a white hat operation to foster a digital paradise for institutional, accredited and web 3 investors. 

The root creates the fruit, and the psychology creates the behavior.  Our protocol is built in the spirit of the light vs dark tetrad on behalf of our community.

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