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A behind the scenes look at building a DeFi project in the bear market

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Have you ever wondered what a team goes through while launching a startup? Now is your chance.

Entrepreneurship is making the invisible, visible. Taking a real problem and an imaginary solution and developing it until the product lives in the hands of users.

For those that have taken the journey to build a software company the painstaking labor of the meticulous process have left many founders dead before they are able to reach the revenue stage. But for those teams that come together and collaborate on building a useful product that customers are passionate about, they relish in the joy of birthing a company that has real value in the marketplace.

Here we are going to take you behind the scenes with Tetrad Protocol as the team spends 3 days together in their headquarters of Puerto Rico.

Justin Wise, the founder of Cracking Cryptocurrency and CCO Chief Crypto Officer of Tetrad Protocol has flown in from his home in Iowa. The plan for his stay is to discuss launching Tetrad, navigating uncertain regulatory frameworks for crypto, discussing his algorithmic trading strategies and pitching a family office to invest into this early stage project.

To take a look behind the scenes, watch the video below!

Alexander Pearson and Justin Wise have been friends trading partners, public personalities on their online show “Breaking Bitcoin” which is a part of Cracking Cryptocurrency, and mentored traders to profit for years.

For the rest of the team they have only met Justin virtually so this was the first meeting in person. There was a lot of debate throughout the day about the correct path forward amongst the team, but when the pressure was on, during the pitch with the family office, the Tetrad team used what appeared to be a hive mind. 6 heads with a unified message, speaking in perfect concert.’

The call ended with the team being moved forward to the next stage of capital raising and partnership with this organization. Of course nothing is finalized until the check is written, but it was another step forward in the right direction.

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