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Web 3 Team Combats Ponzinomics & Malfeasance Using Mix Of TradFi & DeFi

The End Of Ponzinomic Experiments & The Beginning Of Return On Equity

Tokenomics have changed greatly since DeFi first hit the public stage in early 2020. Ultimately the big differentiator between DeFi protocols that were successful versus ones that collapsed and were revealed to be Ponzis was the existence of a viable business model resulting in a steady income stream and ability to generate real returns, with profits distributed back to token holders in a self-sustainable model. Token holder rewards need to be genuine, in other words. Protocols that pay through inflation are merely robbing Peter to pay Paul. At best, their business models rely on a subsidy paid for by token holders through the resulting dilution and devaluation of their investments.

We have seen many experimental tokenomic models rise and fall in the intervening years, often at a fevered pace. Uniswap originally featured no token (the token still does nothing) and LPs received trading fees only. SushiSwap’s inflationary reward model became wildly popular and emulated in an effort to defray Impermanent Loss for LPs, but it has proven to cause immense downward price pressure. Curve followed and added utility for holders in the ability to direct the inflationary rewards towards particular liquidity pools when their tokens are locked. Velodrome (as a Solidly fork) has continued to iterate with the addition of anti-dilutionary vesting for tokens locked in fNFTs. The market is clear: the more utility you provide and profit you flow to token holders, the more successful your tokenomic model will be. It is our intent to create a hybrid tokenomic model that takes the most successful models on the market right now and combines them into a multi-tiered business model designed to protect token holders and flow profits from the protocol back to them without constant inflationary pressure diluting their token value.

The following will reveal the team Tetrad Protocol, their background, their vision of decentralized finance, and how token holders and the protocol will benefit.

Alexander Pearson studied physics & philosophy at the University of Florida. Starting as a bitcoin miner and then becoming a professional trader in 2017 he partnered with Cracking Cryptocurrency as an algorithmic strategist and educator. He is the co-founder and CIO for Tetrad Ron Piccinini has his Phd in quantitative finance with 20 years experience in traditional financial markets. His role is on risk management and refining the quant systems and automated trading engines we utilize to produce returns.

Meet Justin Wise the CCO for Tetrad focused on technical analysis and risk management. The founder at Cracking Cryptocurrency, which is a premium trading education platform that builds algorithmic strategies and offers market analysis on Youtube. He is an early adopter of cryptocurrency and brings a disciplined approach and extensive experience to the team. Meet Greg Boyd Tetrad CFO — He studied economics then worked as a trade runner for Oppenheimer. He became a researcher at Argon followed by a system Engineer at IBM. As an entrepreneur he grew 5 start-ups that he successfully exited most of them in commercial software. Introducing Maria Rolon, the COO of Tetrad Protocol. In 2022 she spent the last year traveling the world with the chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation. Her team’s mission was to promote cryptocurrency adoption worldwide and integrate blockchain tech within our global economy.

Alex Thomas studied Business Administration at Ashland University. Beginning as an small business owner out of college, he spent the last 5 years working in venture capital as a private equity associate. With the objective of providing start-ups the resources to incubate and access to raise money. Drawn to DeFi first as a yield farmer, the natural progression was to create a DeFi as a service protocol that provide solutions for liquidity providers.

- The team believes that being transparent and doxxed is the first priority in building trust with their community. - The protocol is currently seeking a VC partner to join their board and begin the incubation phase. - A private sale of tokens is available pre-launch - Tetrad Protocol is planning a launch on the Polygon chain this fall!

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