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cryptocurrency investing

Tetrad MVP: Real Yield Algorithmic Vault

Our Ecosystem

Providing simplicity, safety and security for the user is the foundation of our ecosystem.

Algorithmic Trading Engine For Crypto

The Tetrad protocol has several algorithmic trading engines that was developed in 2019 and 2 year track record of data showing success on a variety of assets.  The quant system was designed by Alex Pearson & Justin Wise of Cracking Cryptocurrency.

Live Investor Dashboard

Tetrad Protocol has live investor dashboard to view the progress of your portfolio in real time.

Non-Tokenized Treasury With A 24/7 Team

We are building a real yield non-tokenized treasury to utilize a multi-start approach.  Our treasury manager has 3 DeFi analysts who work 24/7 doing fundamental and technical analysis while executing deposits and withdrawals based on structured financial products.

Protocol Insurance

We believe in protecting our liquidity providers that is why we have wallet insurance on all of our outbound transactions as well as extensive thorough cyber security measures.

Tetrad is about reducing risk, simplifying the complexities
of DeFi and removing the laborious nature of a
24/7/365 market

DeFi As A Service (DAAS) Was Birthed To Fast Track Passive Income Potential

DeFi As A Service is a concept that allows an experienced team of analysts, traders, technologists and investors to work on behalf of a community to handle the labor and stress of blockchain software navigation and strategy implementation.


To be able to stay up on the movement of the markets and increase your earning potential by providing liquidity to a competent DAAS team.

That is exactly what the team at Tetrad is designed to offer.


A TEam of TRADers (Tetrad) who have built proven algorithms and sharing the rewards with their community.

Multi-Chain Launch




Live On Polygon Now!

Our Partners

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Allow our team to work on your portfolio so you do not have to.  We are battle tested in crypto and decentralized finance through bear and bull markets with a combination of experience in TradFi, DeFi, Trading and Software Development.

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